Rege is one of its kind Marathi cinema. This one will appeal to very limited audience. The concept of the film is flawless and every single person living in this country can easily relate to it. The execution of the film is very complicated and you need to strain your brains most of the times. Irrespective of complicated execution Abhijit Panse has managed to keep his audience curious right from the first frame of the film. Too many things happening around at the same time which might confuse you and also raise a few questions in your mind which are beautifully answered towards climax. The climax will definitely raise your eye brows and make you praise Abhijit Panse for his hard work. The idea behind making this film is crystal clear from its execution. The message Abhijit Panse wants to convey, reaches without any complications. It won’t be wrong to say that this film is nothing less than an eye opener to all the youngsters as well as their parents.

The film has such brilliant plot that everything else be it performances, music, editing etc does not matter a lot. Decent performance by the entire cast, ordinary music and complicated editing with stunning background score makes Rege a good watch. Throughout the film you are waiting for something to be revealed. The way story unfolds towards the end and unexpected last shot of the film takes the film to an altogether to a different level. The film is a must watch if you are in search of a quality cinema. It’s appeal to the limited audience and complicated editing puts some restrictions on its rating.

Rating: 3/5


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