Anjaan is a normal Tamil fare with good action, drama, romance and comedy. Simple story like every other Tamil film and this time very ordinary execution as well. Suriya was flawless in the film. His performance makes you fall in love with his character be it Suriya as Raja or Krishna, this actor have performed both these roles exceptionally well. Suriya deserves double thumbs up for his performance in Anjaan. Samantha was equally good. She is bold and beautiful in the film. Vidyut Jamwal was very ordinary. The other actor who was a scene stealer is Manoj Bajpai. He had a very limited screen time but his performance creates a good impact. Performance wise Anjaan gets a thumbs up. Music of Anjaan was ordinary, nothing exceptional. It was like every other Tamil massy commercial film.

Story , Screenplay and Direction of Linguswamy was very decent. The film fell short of few sequences which could have earned some claps and whistles from the audience. Suriya’s entry sequence was very bland, the one as Raju could have been better. Interval sequence in the film is the best part of the film. Film is very flat paced and very few surprises in the entire film. The film is highly entertaining, all thanks to Suriya. He has perfectly got into the character of a Mumbai bhai as well a decent guy from Kanyakumari. The film needs to be watched just for Suriya. Expected a lot more from Anjaan, but it did not disappointed me. So with this thought would recommend Anjaan.

Rating: 2.5/5


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