Entertainment barely manages to live up to its title. Entertainment is entertaining in bits and parts but fails to entertain throughout the film. The film has quite a few funny moments but most of the jokes are senseless and would not be liked by everyone. The jokes in the film are somewhat on the lines of  viral videos on internet that are spoof of Bollywood. Not everybody can laugh on lines like, “apne toh jacqueline lag gaye”, teri toh anupam kher nahi”, “ab prakash tera raj khatam hua aur sonu tu sood ke saath jail me apni sazaa katega” and many more. The film is filled with such nonsense jokes. The film has an emotional angle to it as well. The sad part of the film is that, if it portrays human love towards animals then they should not make fun of them as well. A sequence where Akshay Kumar makes fun of almost all breed of dogs is something which a dog lover will never like. The film is a confusion of fun and emotion as the film keeps on switching tracks from funny to emotional to and fro.

Such films are not made with a expectation of getting appreciation in terms of technicalities or performance or music or any other things. So better avoid mentioning all of these. Overall Entertainment is a brainless film, which won’t appeal to everyone. Instead of audience keeping their brains at home and watching the film, it would have been better if the makers would have used their brains and made a little sensible film. I do not enjoy comic genre so I barely laughed in the film but if you can watch anything and everything in comedy than you might enjoy this one. The film is neither that good nor that bad, watch it don’t watch it either ways its the same thing.

Rating: 2/5


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