Salman Khan is back and this time with a decent entertainer. Kick proves to be high on entertainment and very low on story and screenplay. The film starts with lots of illogical and over the top massy sequences introducing Salman Khan and his parents. Salman’s introduction is shot keeping in mind the amount of claps and whistles expected in single screens. It is a complete let down as every film of Salman has his introduction in a larger than life sequence. First half is nothing but Jacqueline and Randeep telling about that person in their life who they are not able to forget who is the same person, Salman Khan. First half becomes interesting when Randeep narrates the story. Second half is good but the small girl Jhumki’s track spoils the film. It drags the film for no reason making you restless. Few minutes of narration with good montage could have saved the film.

Salman Khan has a brilliant character but he has performed it in his style that will mostly appeal to his fans. He tried to do something different from his other films and managed to succeed up to some extent. Salman is good in the film and best for his fans as always. Jacqueline did a good effort and suited her character and made the audience like her character and her performance. The scene stealers of the film are Randeep Hooda and Nawazuddin Siddique. Randeep undoubtedly has given his best performance like his every film irrespective of being a supporting character. Nawazuddin just blows your mind with his power packed performance. Very limited role but his performance creates a great impact on the audience. Randeep and Nawazuddin shine in their respective performances. Music of the film very much like Salman Khan’s every other movie. One dance number which is played in every party, one romantic number which his female fans keep listening to on a repeat mode and few songs just to make sure that there are enough songs in the album. Editing of the film could have been better. Background score of the film is good enough. Director Sajid Nadiadwala makes an impressive debut as a director. He has shot some stunning shots which makes the film look good.

Overall Kick has its own share of flaws but the film is very entertaining in most parts. The treatment of the film is brilliant all thanks to Sajid Nadiadwala who made the film look and feel so good. Apart from some sequences the film manages to keep you engaged. Not a brilliant climax but film has that element which increases the curiosity of a viewer. This one is a must watch for Salman Khan fans and for others recommended for a good entertainment. Half point extra for Salman’s charm and giving his fans a decent entertainer.

Rating: 3/5


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