Hate Story 2 is nothing but a story of revenge. Unfortunately this one does not even come close to Hate Story that released in 2012. Hate Story 2 is a typical revenge flick catering to masses. The film barely has some good moments and that’s all about the film. Surveen Chawla gives a decent performance but not enough to save the film. For the first time in Bollywood an actor has as small role as generally actresses have in Bollywood films. Jay Bhanushali is a waste of talent in true sense. He has a very small role in the first half of the film and appears in bits and parts in second half. In this 130 minutes Jay’s screen time would be less than 30 minutes. Sushant Singh is good. Music of the film is average, typical in this genre. Vishal Pandya fails big time to impress the audience. Hate Story 2 also fails for Hate Story being so good and this one is comparatively a trash. The film is predictable and lacks suspense throughout the film.

Overall Hate Story 2 is not worth your time and money. This one is not recommended at all as it is an ordinary fare.

Rating: 2/5


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