Mohit Suri does not fall short of anything to gave a film that the audience will enjoy. Ek Villain is the similar case. Decent storyline, outstanding performances and chartbuster music makes Ek Villain a good film. Mohit knows his audience and makes his movies accordingly. Ek Villain has right amount of romance, drama, emotions and yes the suspense that keeps you engaged throughout the film. Few points that makes this film good are…

  • Performances of the primary cast. Sidharth Malhotra proves himself with Ek Villain. Such a serious performance from this ordinary boy was not at all expected. This performance will only increase his fan following. Shraddha Kapoor was sweet, simple, good. Her character did not have enough shades that allowed her to showcase her acting capabilities. Riteish Deshmukh is something to look out for in the film. He just blows your mind with his outstanding performance. The performances of this cast is good and the performances of the supporting cast are equally bad be it Aamna Sharif, Remo Fernandis and Kamaal Rashid Khan.
  • Music is soothing. No dancing number but an album filled with nothing but just romance. The songs are slow and melodious but you remember each and every song in the film once you are out of the theatre. Bad part about the songs in the film is that most of the songs do not take the story forward, the songs just makes the film stick to one particular situation.
Overall Ek Villain is not a very good film but a good film that needs to be watched for god entertainment. The editing of the film is perfect and background score of the film is good too. Watch this one mainly for the performances and the music. Mohit Suri has once again bring you an amazing piece of cinema which you will just praise and nothing else.

Rating: 3/5

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