Humshakals is nothing but the end to Sajid Khan’s career. Film has a stupid storyline like every film of Sajid Khan. This time the jokes in the film are worse than SMS jokes and jokes of kinder-garden kids. The film fails big time to entertain which Sajid Khan promises with his every film. This one is not even a slapstick comedy. The film does not even manage to make you laugh on a single scene. After making great efforts you have a little smile on your face. Sajid Khan’s direction is bad than his previous films. He has not even changed locations in the film, people are bored seeing London in his films. Humshakals is a colossal disappointment.

Saif Ali Khan tries very hard to save the film with his good performance but there are many thing to spoil the film. Saif is superb as all the three Ashok’s especially the mad one. He is sort of saving grace of the film. Riteish Deshmukh is completely avoidable. His performance in the comedy films have become monotonous now. Ram Kapoor was okay. All three ladies Tamanna Bhatia, Esha Gupta and Bipasha Basu were nothing but just a glam quotient. Himesh Reshammiya’s music was good. All the songs are enjoyable.

On the whole Humshakals is an exercise in boredom. The film has nothing to offer at all. The film is lengthy and does not engage you. No surprise element and not an entertaining film at all. This one is not at all recommended.

Rating: 1/5


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