Youth has been a common topic now to make films. Every young individual wants to change the world now. Everyone is fed up of corruption and the government. Fugly is story of four friends who for no reason get trapped into this system and how they manage to get out of this bad politics. Kabir Sadanand has managed to make a decent film. The film engages you throughout even though the pace of the film is bit slow and the second half has lots of unnecessary things. Fugly has nothing different when it comes to youth oriented film. There is fun, drama, emotions and same emotions of youngsters in every film to change the country. Kabir Sadanand seems bit confused in the film and for no reason tries to make the typical bollywood film by adding item song. His direction was very ordinary few good scenes and that’s all. Performance wise Jimmy Shergil shines as inspector Chautala. With limited screen time he delivers a powerpacked performance which make you do nothing but just applaud his performance. The other starcast which is Mohit Marwah, Vijender Singh, Kiara Advani and Arfi Lamba were decent considering this is their debut film. None of them manage to surprise you with their performance. They were just good nothing else. Music of the film is very ordinary. First half has some good songs but songs in second half are sleepy. There is one good thing in the film that is breathtaking Ladakh. Very minor portion bur whenever you see those shots of beautiful scenery you are altogether in a different world. The place is beautifully captured.

Overall Fugly is a decent effort by Kabir Sadanand. Jimmy Shergill rocks. Can be watched once just for good entertainment.

Rating: 2.5/5


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