Original is always better, no matter how much ever you try and make it different. Holiday remake of Tamil blockbuster Thuppaki is nothing but scene by scene copy of the original. For a change this was the first time I was watching a film which i had already seen in some other language. Holiday a typical masala commercial hindi cinema with some sense in it. Holiday seemed to be a cakewalk for A. R. Murugadoss as there was no change in the remake. Apart from editing few songs nothing new in Holiday. Yet the film is decent compared to previous Akshay Kumar films. The film has some very good sequences which keeps you glued to your seats. The film has an unnecessary romantic track which spoils the pace of the film but the film is back on the track before it gets boring. Music of the film is below average, Pritam has done some fantastic music. Comparatively this one was bad. Editing of the film is average, since the film does not bore you even during the unnecessary romantic scenes so editing was decent. The film was not at all performance oriented, so better not to talk about the performances.

Overall Holiday is a typical bollywood entertainer and it does entertain you so it can be watched once without any hesitation. A.R.Murugadoss has managed to provide a decent film which will give your moneys worth. This one is one time watch.

Rating: 3/5



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