There is Hindustan, there is Pakistan and now there is Filmistaan. Filmistaan is a story of a struggling actor, Sunny (Sharib Hashmi) who is also a huge bollywood buff. He is currently working as an assistant director aspiring to beocme an actor. While shooting for a film on Indo – Pak border he is kidnapped and gets trapped in Pakistan. Filmistaan is about Sunny’s stay in Pakistan. Nitin Kakkar came up with this brilliant idea of showing Indo-Pak relation with a surprising twist. The film beautifully showcases  the love for Bollywood among both the nations. Craziness for Bollywood among Indians need not be told or shown so Nitin Kakkar decided to do it other way round and showcase how crazy the other nation is about Bollywood. Full marks to Nitin Kakkar for portraying this so beautifully.

Sharib Hashmi leaves you speechless with his performance. His performance is like any other mimicry artist but he stands out for being bold and very expressive in his performance. He makes you laugh, cry and think. Inamulhaq was good in his part and did a decent job. The other cast of the film was good too. Music and background score of the film is pretty good. Editing of the film is outstanding. Start to end, the film is to the point without any unnecessary scenes or dialogues. Cinematography of the film is above average. Less locations stopped the cinematographer of doing something different.

Lack of WOW moments and abrupt ending leaves you a tad disappointed. Leaving an unanswered question; why isn’t the crew worried about Sunny who helped them in the difficult situations, makes the direction bit weak. Apart from this the film is good attempt towards meaningful cinems. The film deserves to be watched by one and all for the efforts of Nitin Kakkar. Filmistaan is recommended for its unique concept and Sharib Hashmi’s stellar performance.

Rating: 3/5


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