City Lights is a perfect example of a flawless film from a brilliant director. Adaptations are difficult to make in terms of retaining the originality of the screenplay. City Lights just leaves you speechless with its gripping screenplay. Hansal Mehta proves himself one more time post Shahid that there will always be some space for good cinema in Bollywood. City Lights is nothing but an extraordinary film made in Bollywood. The film deserves to be watched by every Indian for the subject and the beautiful execution of the subject. City Lights is made for the classes but masses need to watch this film to know what’s a classy film. Hansal Mehta has put in his heart and soul to make City Lights and his hard work is clearly visible on screen. City Lights is not just a film but masterpiece in itself.

Hansal Mehta the captain of the ship deserves a huge applause for coming up with a hard hitting cinema like City Lights which portrays a dark side of the society we live in with perfect amount of emotions. His direction is outstanding. His execution of the film is par excellence. Being slow paced the director manages to grab you attention throughout the film. Rajkummar Rao proves himself to be the dark horse of Bollywood, stunning performance. With City Lights Rajkummar Rao makes every producer and director think about him whenever they make a film. Patralekha is an amazing discovery of Hansal Mehta. She just takes you into an altogether different world with her performance and you feel the same emotions as her in the film, be it happy, sad or worse at times. Patralekha just surprises everyone with her stunning performance. Manav Kaul is impressive in his supporting role. Jeet Ganguly’s music just makes the film better. Each and every song adds certain value to the film. The lyrics of the songs fill in the space of dialogues and make the film sound more beautiful and meaningful. These lyrics explain the situation in the film in the best way and gives a different dimension to the contemporary lyrics. The easily grab your attention and you do nothing but praise the lyrics. Along with the music the background score of the film is very good. The background score adds more life to each and every scene in the film. Film being slow paced, editing of the film is pitch perfect.

Overall City Lights cannot be missed at any cost. It is a simple story of Deepak (Rajkummar Rao) and Rakhi (Patralekha), and their struggle to live in the big bad city of dreams, Mumbai. This one is absolutely recommended. Undoubtedly one of the finest work of Hansal Mehta.



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