When the name of the film is Heropanti you should expect nothing but just entertainment. No matter how bad, old or poor the story is, the film should be entertaining and that exactly what Heropanti does. Story of a boy Babloo (Tiger Shroff) who helps his friend in eloping with his girlfriend and then falling in love with the sister Dimpy (Kirti Sanon) of that girlfriend. Heropanti is all about achieving your true love and realizing how good or bad were your actions in terms of hurting others while helping someone. Very ordinary story but film is high on entertainment. You must have seen hundreds of film on the same lines but Heropanti is different in itself.

Tiger Shroff is decent as a debutant. He is good in dance, action and pretty decent in acting. Kriti Sanon is a treat to watch on screen. her presence on screen takes the scene to an altogether different level. Kriti is here to stay and make her mark in Bollywood. Prakash Raj was ordinary, like he is in all his other films. Same negative character but here he is emotional as well. Director Sabbir Khan has made a decent attempt of making a decent entertainer. He manages to keep his audience engaged throughout the film. The editing of the film is pretty good, could have been trimmed by few minutes but none the less. Music of the film is quite good. Sajid-Wajid has done a good job. Every single song in the film sets the mood of the film and you enjoy all the songs in the film. Dialogues of the film were ordinary apart from “heropanti, sabko aati nahi aur meri jaati nahi”. Cinematography of the film is good in bits and parts. Major part of the film is shot in a mansion so no much locations in first half. Film has its share of flaws which can be easily ignored.

Heropanti has right amount of action, drama, romance and emotions. The film is nothing but pure entertainment. Just go sit relax and enjoy this film. The film is not bad at all can be watched once without any hesitation. I recommend this one as a onetime watch.

Rating: 3/5


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