Very rarely there is an audience for films that do not appeal to all. Children Of War is one such film. Three real life stories that happened during Bangladesh war. Mritunjay Dewrat has boldly executed this simple script. The film has nothing to offer apart from bad times seen by the people during war times. The trailer of the film promised a lot of stuff but nothing exceptional in the film. Film starts off very well but clueless post that. Too many stories making the plot difficult to understand and very difficult to keep track of every plot. It is a decent attempt made by the director but editing spoils it all for the film. The film is very slow paced and too long scenes loses your interest from the film. Film struggles a lot to keep you engaged throughout, few exciting sequences, nothing apart form that. The entire cast has performed exceptionally well. Director has done a good job as well. Background score by Ishaan Chabbra makes the movie little interesting. Lots of bold content in the film so obviously not for those with weak heart. The film is nothing but just showcasing the events of Bangladesh war. Good film but bad editing spoiled it all. Recommended just for the efforts of Mrituyanjay Dewrat.

Rating: 2.5/5


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