Generally there is a perception that film having lots of new and unknown faces has no scope of doing well or appreciated by the audience. The Xpose tries to break this myth and struggles a lot in doing the same. It’s waste of time talking about the story as it is nothing but a murder mystery.

The good part about the film is the time period in which the film is set. The era of 60’s where everything was larger than life, every star lived life king size, awards were very important for the actors careers, and tactics used by the filmmakers to make sure that their film is a hit. The bad part of this good part is that everything is done in contemporary manner. The entire look and feel of the film does not make it look like the 60’s era. Costumes, sets, dialogues everything is from that era but while watching the film the final impact is not up to the mark, all thanks to the poor VFX.

Film is a murder mystery but not a single moment in the film that makes you feel as if you are waiting for the some suspense to open. In a 110 minute film, first 80 minutes are nothing but just showing the Bollywood of 60’s. The film is divided into two parts first 70 minutes (excluding the introduction of all the characters) which shows nothing but the film shoots and little bit of love angle which is not at all prominent and rest 30 minutes which reveal the suspense, and both these parts are not at all connected to each other. It is like a story which can be told in 40 minutes is told in 110 minutes.

Better not to mention about the performances in the film, there are so many characters that it is difficult to observe their performances. Very ordinary performances by the entire cast. Music of the film is below average. Not a single song in the film that you will remind once you leave the theatre. Himesh can do much better than this. Few very good dialogues in the film that surprise you because they are said by Himesh which is unexpected and at times even make you laugh. Editing of the film is very bad. The major portion of the film useless in the film. The only saving grace of the film is the unexpected climax.

Overall The Xpose can be watched at your own risk. If you have nothing else to watch this weekend give try his film. The is not that bad as the climax saves the film and small appearance of Irrfan Khan makes the film slightly better.

Rating: 2.5/5
*0.5 star extra for good climax.


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