Its good to see something that is never seen before in Bollywood. Mastram is one such case. It is a story of a porn writer. His struggle to become till the end of him as a porn writer. Akhilesh Jaiswal has executed this script beautifully. Subject like porn and very few adult content is a challenge in itself. The film is adult because of its dialogues. The dialogues raise you eyebrows every single time and make you laugh. The film is not porn film but porn presented in all together different way which needs to be appreciated. There Akhilesh Jaiswal wins you hearts. The best part of the film is obviously the concept and execution but another good thing about the film is it’s led pair. Rahul Baga the protagonist stuns you by his performance and Alisha Berry just kills it with her performance. She is one of the best part of the film. Brilliant performance. Editing of the film is to the point. Dialogues are outstanding. The film is shot in some good North Eastern part of India.

Overall Mastram may not appeal to everyone but it needs to be seen by everyone for Akhilesh Jaiswals effort. Very rarely such films are made in Bollywood and should not miss the chance of watching such beautiful films. this one is absolutely recommended.

Rating: 3.5/5


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