Subhash Ghai is back on the directors seat and this time he has disappointed not only his fans but others for whom Subhash Ghai is introduced because of Kaanchi, that is the younger generation. The film is lost between a 90’s flick and current genre of cinema. The film starts on a decent note and Mr. Ghai takes you in the 90’s by showing that typical village belle, her lover, her family etc etc. Unfortunately the first half of the film has nothing great to offer apart from the romantic track of Kaanchi. Second half is an attempt made by Mr. Ghai to make cinema which will be liked by today’s cine goers and unfortunately the attempt has gone miserably wrong. Second half is nothing but repetitive of events where Kaanchi is trying to take revenge and bring a change in the society by fighting against corruption. None of these things are visible on screen, Kaanchi’s actions are sans the consequences of those actions. She destroys the corrupt leaders but then what good happens because of that is missing. She takes revenge of her lovers death but her happiness after doing that is missing. Kaanchi is little interesting in bits and parts in second half. Mishti who debuts with the film is unimpressive. Her performance is not at all up to the mark. In fact, being the main protagonist her character does not give her much scope to perform. Karthik Tiwari is decent but no much screen space. The only actor that shines in performance is Chandan Roy Sanyal. He is the saving grace of the film as far as performances are concerned. Veteran Rishi Kapoor and Mithun Chakraborty are slightly better than the lead pair. Music is a below average. In first half songs save the film and make it better and in second half songs spoils he pace of the film. Music sounds good in the film only because of the 3D sound technology. Editing of the film is very weak. Both the half’s of the film could have been easily trimmed a little. Cinematography of the film is very good especially in the first half of the film.

On the whole Kaanchi looks like an average fare from the 90’s. Subhash Ghai’s attempt to make the cinema for today’s audience has gone wrong. Kaanchi starts off well but by the time film reaches its climax the film is not at all enjoyable. Watch it at your own risk. This one is not recommended.

Rating: 1.5/5


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