Samrat & Co. is a good attempt made by Kaushik Ghatak. Samrat & Co. is about Samrat (Rajeev Khandelval) a detective and the case he solves. Simple case which is beautifully handeled and Kaushik Ghatak has beautifully managed to keep you engaged throughout the film. Good things about the film are: execution of the script, Rajeev Khandelval’s decent performance, visual treatment of the film. Many frames in the films are visually appealing. Even though it is a normal suspense thriller you are waiting to know what happens next, and that’s where Kaushik Ghatak wins it. The film has no typical Bollywood commercial entertainer like item songs or love track of the protagonist. It is clean to the point film that provides you a decent entertainment. The film fails big time when it comes to doing things desi way. Unless the suspense of the film is not revealed you think the film is bit different, once the knots are untied you think you are watching some prime time TV soap and that’s where you are disappointed. The film starts well and manages to keep you engaged for most of the time but last 20 minutes of the film spoils it all and make it an ordinary suspense thriller within seconds. The other cast of the film did a good job. Debutante Maldasa Sharma did a decent job as a newcomer and rest of the cast was ordinary. Music of the film is very subtle and to the point. Editing of the film is perfect. Cinematography is very good.

Samrat & Co. is very good attempt made with the intention of making good suspense film, but one mistake of making it the Indian way and everything goes wrong. Watch it once for decent entertainment and if you enjoy watching suspense films.



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