Post the super success of Queen, Kangana Ranaut is back with a bang and this time only Kangana has managed to live up to the expectations. Kangana is the only good thing in Revolver Rani. It’s all her hard work that makes Revolver Rani little better than what it should have been. She has got into the character so well that she convinces you to believe she is from Chambal and she lives the way Alka Singh lives in the film. Revolver Rani is nothing but a political scenario of some rural part of India. Two parties trying to prove they are good and the other is bad, blah blah blah. Sai Kabeer has worked only on Kangana’s character. Plot of the film is so weak that at certain point of time the film bores you. It’s Kangana’s performance that saves the film, every single time. Film starts with nothing great to offer giving you a feel of your money being wasted till interval. Second half picks up the pace and makes things interesting in the film. The climax creates a good impact leaving you curious for the sequel of the film. One more good thing in the film is Vir Das performance. He shines in his role of a toy boy and something different from he has been doing till now. Rest all the performances are very ordinary. Music of the film is below average, only one two songs that stay in your mind. Editing of the film is the weak point of the film. The film could have been easily trimmed and not making some portions so boring.

Overall Revolver Rani can be watched just to appreciate Kangana Ranaut’s performance. The film has nothing else to offer apart from this one thing. Watch it for Kangana.

Rating: 2.5/5


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