Films made for festival struggle to reach to a wider audience, thankfully the scenario is changing gradually. Jal is one of those films which was recognized at various festivals and finally got a release but then the question of the film reaching to good audience will always remain. Jal as the name suggest is about water. Story set in Rann of Kutch where there is scarcity of water and even today where technology is so advanced rural people believe in superstition to find water. Jal throws a light on this situation and it convincingly blends superstition and practical thinking. Initially the film struggles to move ahead because Purab Kohli apart from finding water does nothing until some foreigners come with some project and change the lives of the people of village. First forty minutes are very slow paced and then the film picks up and it is no looking back. Love triangle between Purab Kohli, Tanishta Chatterjee and Kirti Kulhari, that typical mentally of people from other village are foes and everything is beautifully incorporated in the film. While all this is going around the film does not loose the track of water problem and continues to entertain you with some breath taking shot direction and good performances of the entire cast. The background score of the film sounds good for the simple reason that in typical rural backdrop use of modern instruments is simply amazing. The film also showcases the rural traditions and culture extensively. Jal works for it’s concept and its execution, very good performances of the principal cast and its background score. Jal is dicey initially but what matters the most is by the end you are happy with the film. The overall impact of the film is very good. The film is recommended, obviously its for the classes and not the masses.



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