It’ been a rare scenario where you see a real story of a person and slightly fictionalized to meet the cinematic demands. Yellow is that one rare film which is nothing but a sweet ans simple story of a girl who is different from others and still she remains to be among one of them.

Yellow is about Gauri Gadgil, who does not understand what is right for her and is totally unaware about the happenings in the world. Her father tries to kill her, disown her as he shameful of a daughter who can not study with the kids of her age, who can not turn her parents dream into reality. Its her mother and her uncle who makes sure that no matter how Gauri is different from others, she will live the same life as other girls of her age. Her uncle discovers that she can be a good swimmer and with God’s kindness and her hard work she goes on to become silver medalist in swimming in Olympics. Such is a sweet story of a simple girl.

Mahesh Limiye has beautifully blended reality and fiction in Yellow. His execution of the concept is simply brilliant. Second half of the film has nothing great to offer yet you are thoroughly engaged and curious to know what happens next to Gauri. The structure of the film is beautiful and does give you a chance to question at all. The film begins with a bang by introducing Gauri, rather Gauri introducing the characters and then for next one hour you are in Gauri’s world. Second half of the film is very repetitive but then few moments that make you forget you have been watching the same swimming coaching of Gauri ever since second half commenced. Editing of the film could have been better, second half needed to be trimmed and looking at the story the film need not be more than 100 minutes. The director successfully conveys the message he wants to in the first half itself. One more good thing about the film is it’s background score. It takes the film to an altogether different level. Lastly the performances in the film are outstanding. Gauri is brilliant and the other cast Mrinal Kulkarni, Upendra Limiye, Hrishikesh Joshi and Manoj Joshi deliver a power packed performance. Their performance is par excellence especially Upendra Limiye and Mrinal Kulkarni.

On the whole Yellow is made with a heart and soul and needs to be watched for a good message and most importantly for efforts of Mahesh Limiye. Do not miss Yellow.



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