Main Tera Hero starts beautifully with that eye pleasing opening credits and with the soothing background score. First ten fifteen minutes of the film you are just happy, laughing and thoroughly enjoying the film. It scores brownie points for entertainment in its first half an hour. Then once the story begins the film is enjoyed in bits and pieces. It is not entertaining as a whole. You lose interest in between, but many plus points of the film that make you sit throughout the film.

Varun Dhawan is the USP of the film. He does not disappoint you even for a single second. Whenever he is on screen he just makes you praise his performance. The hard work that Varun mentioned in all his promotional interviews is clearly visible on screen, be it his six pack abs or his way emoting the scenes and most importantly making you laugh. Ileana D’Cruz is sweet and simple. Her screen presence is refreshing to see when there are boring sequences going on the film. Nargis Fakhri who enters post interval is surprisingly good to see her improved a lot from her previous performances.

Music is nothing but a chart-buster music. All the soundtracks just make you go mad dancing. The songs are the saving grace of the film. They come at the right time and save you from exercising in boredom. David Dhawan has maintained his style of comedy and shot everything king size but somewhere film falls flat because people are enjoying meaningful cinema more than just entertainment. This makes Main Tera Hero nothing but an average fare.Current generation will know David Dhawan very well. No doubt the movie takes you back in the 90’s, where comedy film was nothing but a romantic love triangle with good foreign locations and enjoyable songs.

Main Tera Hero works for quite a few reasons like Varun Dhawan’s brilliant performance, Sajid-Wajid’s chartbuster music and David Dhawan’s direction. Main Tera Hero is nothing but a one-time watch due to these factors. The film struggles a lot on entertainment factor. Go for this one just to spend a good and little entertaining weekend. Watch it if you enjoy comedy and Varun Dhawan fans are in for a royal treat.

Rating: 2.5/5


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