Releasing films having backdrop of politics during elections does not hep the film being seen by a larger audience. O Teri is nothing but a story of two journalists Pulkit Samrat and Bilal Amrohi who could not save their jobs even after struggling a lot with a political backdrop. The film does not engage you even for a second. Initially the film looks more like a music video with a song every five minutes in the film. Film being promoted as a humorous film lacks big time in making you laugh. Very few silly jokes in the entire film and O Teri can be termed as worse than typical slapstick comedy. The film is very predictable and that makes you loose your interest from the film. Film has the same old message of changing the world by exposing the corrupt politicians but the message does not reach the audience even after the film ends. You exit the cinema hall asking why was this film even made. Pulkit Samrat is the only saving grace of the film because of his good looks and decent performances. He is the only guy who tries to give yous moneys worth. Bilal Amrohi is nothing but disaster. From the first scene itself he proves that acting is not his cup of tea. The supporting cast which includes Anupam Kher, Mandira Bedi, Sarah Jane Dias who is not less than a supporting character are below average. Performance wise the film has nothing to offer. Direction, Story, Screenplay, Editing is all weak. Being a 107 minutes film you are not entertained at all. On the whole O Teri can be easily missed. This one is not recommended at all. Salman Khan’s small appearance in the song is quite good but that can be enjoyed at home as well.



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