A good prequel is enough to create good amount of curiosity for it’s sequel. Same is the case with Ragini MMS 2. The film have so many factors going in favor of the film right from stunning Sunny Leone to chart-buster music of Yo Yo Honey Singh. All of this could not save the film from being likeable by the audience. Ragini MMS 2 starts where Ragini MMS concluded and those 5-10 minutes are the best part of the film. It’s about a Ragini MMS being remade and the shooting experience of the cast and crew of shooting Ragini MMS. Horror films rarely have good meaningful stories, apart from some house being haunted or some ghost entering somebody’s body, horror film have nothing apart from this. Rahini MMS 2 is similar, for no reason the film length is increased by showing the story of witch from the prequel which was not needed at all and is a misfit in the film. The makers have tried to do few things the hollywood way but when it comes to story it fails big time, like Divya Dutta’s character finding logical reasons for those things which can’t be proven by medical science reason. As far as some effects are concerned the makers have done a pretty good job especially the climax sequence but then it’s nothing but sheer copy paste of hollywood films. Apart from Sandhya Mridul’s drama queen character none of the start has performed up to the mark. Talent like Divya Dutta have been wasted and Sunny Leone can’t act so no point discussing her performance. Story, Screenplay and Direction is below average. Lack of innovation in direction style is clearly visible and nothing new from any other horror film. In fact the direction of prequel made that film so scary. The film fails big time in engaging the audience as well as scaring them. Music has been topping the music charts so that says it all for music.

Ragini MMS 2 is nothing but just a good effort made by trying to do things the hollywood style. The film does not even comes close to the fantastic prequel. This one is not recommended as it lacks almost everything that a good film requires. Rating is just for the effort made.

Rating: 1.5/5


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