Nagesh Kukunoor after giving us some amazing films like Dor and Iqbal, is back with a bang with Lakshmi. After trying his hand in various genres he has managed to bring the hard hitting reality of the society on screen with lots of boldness in it. Lakshmi is all about child trafficking. It’s bout Lakshmi (Monali Thakur) who forced into prostitution and her struggle for justice. Nagesh Kukunoor was clear about the vision of the film and even after having such bold content in the film it fells very much part and the essential part of the film. Kukunoor has handled this sensitive subject very carefully. He deserves a pat on his back for this. The bold of the boldest scene have been beautifully incorporated in the film be it Satish Kaushik torturing Monali or scene where Shefali Shah takes the revenge of bad behavior of Nagesh towards her. The direction of the film is such that at places Nagesh has portrayed the emotions of the audience on screen. Entire cast of the film has performed exceptionally well. Monali Thakur steals the show with her mature performance of an innocent girl who decides to fight for her justice. Shefali Shah, Satish Kauhik and Naesh Kukunoor himself have given stunning performances in the film. Each one of them are the scene stealer of their respective scene. Film gets double triple ans many possible thumbs up for performance and direction. By shooting the film in real location, the film looks very much real and authentic as far as the subject of the film is concerned. The film is perfect to the T and gives out a very strong message by portraying the dark side of the world we are living in.

Undoubtedly the best work of Nagesh Kukunoor till date or somewhere close to Dor. This one is strongly recommended for the effort made by the team, get exposed to the other side of the world which we could never imagine and lastly for Nagesh Kukunoors direction and brilliant performances by the cast. Can’t afford to miss this one.

Rating: 4/5


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