Comedy has been the most watched genre its just the way comedy presented makes a comedy film different from other films in the same genre. Gang Of Ghosts is a horror comedy film which lacks horror and comedy both. The film is very boring, you yawn yawn and yawn throughout the film. Its the last ten minutes of the film that make you realize that the concept of the film was good which was very poorly executed. Gang Of Ghosts is a comical fare of group of ghosts, each one of them having their own past and sad reason for becoming a ghost and their struggle to save their freedom which the builders are snatching from them. All of this starts in the second half of the film, that means the first half is nothing but just introducing all the ghosts one by one. Satich Kaushik’s direction is very weak. Performance wise none of the stars prove themselves except Mahie Gill because this is not her forte and Anupam Kher who can carry any role with ease. Remaining ensemble cast is waste of talent. Music of the film is so bad that one will search for earplugs once the song starts in the film. Song are badly placed in the film. The film fails big time to keep the audience engaged. Don’t be surprised if you feel like walking out of the film even before the interval because that would be considered normal. If you manage to watch the entire film than you should be awarded as the person with maximum patience. Gang Of Ghosts barely brings a smile on your face. The film has nothing that works in favor of it. If Gang Of Ghosts would have been directed by some other director the film would have been a much better fare. This one is not at all recommended.

Rating: 1/5


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