2 STATES (Music)

Shankar – Ehsaan – Loy (SEL) in the mood to relieve their college days with a touch of romance to it. After Wake Up Sid SEL is back with this funky, totally for youth music album. This six tracks album is completely enjoyable. SEL has nailed it and not a single dull song. The songs do not give the feeling of same old music which is heard in every second film. SEL has nailed it. The trio has got the taste of the youth right and the result can be seen in the form of album of 2 States.

Songs have been evenly divided in three different genres. Offo by Amitabh Bhattacharya, Aditi Singh Sharma and Locha-e-Ulfat by Benny Dayal are too much fun, foot tapping and can’t help but dance on it type songs. The attitude of Aditi Singh Sharma in Offo is just commendable. Compositions of both the songs is very catchy and that makes them songs to be heard on nothing but repeat mode. The lyrics of both the songs are good enough to hum all the time. Benny Dayal’s way of singing Locha-e-Ulfat just takes it to an different level. This is something very different from the singers previous duet tracks. Mast Magan by the super talented Ariit Singh, Chinmayi Sripada and Chaandaniya by K. Mohan , Yashita Sharma are the slow soothing melodious tracks of the album. Mast Magan takes away the cake as far as entire album is concerned, reasons being Arijit Singh’s magical voice, the mesmerizing tune of the song and amazing composition of the song especially when it goes traditional. Both the songs are uniquely composed and will be enjoyed the most by slow romantic track lovers. Hulla Re and Iski Uski sung by various artists, there are too many too name them are the typical need of the film songs. The might not stand out in the album but will surely add very much importance to the film. Hulla Re is enjoyable because of the singer duo Shankar-Siddharth and the funny lyrics.

On the whole 2 States is the perfect album that deserves to be in the collection of every college going student. It is nothing but prefect to the T for the young generation. Decent variation in the tracks and catchy composition makes this one of the finest album of recent times. Make space for this one in your collection.

Rating: 3.5/5


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