The film stands to its title. The film is literally made for some bewakoof people. Trailer of Bewakoofiyaan kind of said it all about the film. Initially it seems as if trailer of the film is going on but late also nothing mush changes in the film. Nupur Asthana had pretty good concept of showcasing a reality through this film but by making it too much of over the top filmy, the film loses its charm. The film had been shot giving it a realistic touch it would have looked great. Every person is not as rich as Myra (Sonam Kapoor) in Delhi, nor does every struggling person like Mohit (Ayushmann Khurrana) achieves so much success. Being a Yash Raj film everything is larger than life in the film. The film had good intentions to show a story of a boy who loses his job and how things change for him but bad execution of the film takes the film nowhere. The film looks more like a TV serial than a Hindi film. Performances of the entire cast goes unnoticed because the film fails big time to engage the audience. Music of the film is pretty okay but then it does not come up as a good thing for the film. Gulcharrey is a total misfit in the film. Rest of the songs are good. Nupur Asthana did not have a clear vision about what exactly she wants from this film, and that’s clearly visible on screen. Habib Faisal’s good writing has got bad execution and that in the strong reason for the film not being good. The film is neither feel-good nor time-pass nor one time watch. Bewakoofiyaan is a disappointing fare. This one is absolutely not recommended.

Rating: 1/5


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