Perfect example of good promo delivering exactly contrasting film. The promo of Gulaab Gang had raised the expectation bar so high that the film has fall flat on its face. Gulaab Gang is about a gang of women who always wear pink sarees, maybe because they hate other colors and about their work for their village. Soumik Sen just had an idea which he could not turn into a good screenplay nor execute it in a good direction. The film starts and it does not move forward at all. Throughout the film it only and only about Gulaab Gang, their members their strength their confidence etc. The political twist in the film is so casually presented that it seemed like it was about to happen a there was nothing else for the director to think about. In short Gulaab Gang showcased the daily routine of the women of Gulaab Gang.

Madhuri Dixit-Nene is a huge let down. She misses that charm to make you fall in love with her. Her fans would enjoy her on scree just for the fact that she is Madhuri Dixit. Her character lacked variation in it. Throughout the film she is just telling her gang members to do certain things and at times when she feels it is important for her to do something she does that, like only she will meet Juhi Chawla because no other women of the gang is good enough to crack deals with Juhi. Juhi Chawla is the only saving grace of the film. Her performance is brilliant and she overshadows everyone else in the film. Apart form these two ladies if anyone else has done a good job then it has to be Divya Jagdale. Performance wise only Juhi shines rest all are below average. Direction of the film is very ordinary. According to the theme of the film, that’s the only thing the director would do, so it lacked innovation. Editing of the film is bad. Film is very flat paced and fails big time to engage you throughout. Music is good but in the film it goes unnoticed.

Gulaab Gang is a perfect example of bad execution of good concept. Weak story, weaker screenplay and weakest direction makes this film a huge disappointment. Juhi Chawla is the only good thing in the entire film. Watch it don’t watch it, it will be one and the same thing.

Rating: 2/5


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