Total Siyapaa is a perfect example of delivering exactly opposite of the trailer. After giver a pretty good trailer film fails to delivers what it had promised. The film is a story of one day. Asha (Yaami Gautam) decides to introduce her boyfriend Aman (Ali Zafar) to her family. The film is just the happenings of that particular day. The film is very badly written and badly directed. Total Siyapaa fails big time to engage the audience and most importantly it is not at all entertaining. Even if you try to like the film you won’t like it. Ali Zafar and Yaami Gautam are not given chance to perform at all. Kirron Kher does a decent job but its a typical mother role. The direction is somewhat like an assignment made by a student with too many flaws. Badly written screenplay is one more weak point of the film. Bad editing and ordinary cinematography gives you reasons to leave the film midway. Music is not prominent at all. You are so disinterested in the film that you won’t even know whether there are any songs in the film or no.

Total Siyapaa is a huge disappointment. Better stay away from this one. Not at all recommended.



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