Post Queen Kangana Ranaut is definitely going to top the list list of everybody’s favorite actor. One more person for Queen being such a beautiful film is Vikas Bahl the man who made Queen and took us in her beautiful world and gave us a wonderful trip of her life on 70mm screen. Queen is nothing but story of Rani (Kangana Ranaut) who goes on her honeymoon alone and how she explores life on her honeymoon. The film is perfect when it comes to technical aspects and presents a reality indirectly. Every girl no matter from which part of India but will relate to Rani from the film. Vikas has portrayed Kangana so beautifully that you feel for her character and everyone is happy for her when good things come her way. Queen is a beautiful attempt made which has hit the right notes.It is different yet is has those typical filmy incidents. On the whole Queen is a beautiful journey of a girl which makes you laugh, cry and think as well.

Kangana Ranaut has given one of the finest performance of her career. It won’t be wrong to say that one more National Award is on her way. The sequence where she goes clubbing is the highlight of the film. She has nailed it in Queen. Lisa Haydon is one more girl who surprises you with her performance. She has done an equally beautiful job as Kangana but Kangana takes the cake. Rajkummar Rao has made sure that he does not get sidelined in this women oriented film. He has created his own impact with his rocking performance as always. Performance wise the film should get more than full marks. Direction is very beautiful. Story is simple but direction takes it to an altogether different level. When there is nothing much in the story director has made sure that he has something out of the box to offer. Simple incidents with extraordinary direction make the film more beautiful. Screenplay is very good and editing is too good. Beautiful incorporation of flashbacks. Music of Amit Trivedi is one more plus point of the film. Songs are rightly and beautifully placed in the film.

Queen is one of the best film of 2014 and this one is not to be missed. It is high on entertainment and Kangana is goung to blow off your mind. Watch it for her performance and Vikas Bahl’s hard work. This one is robustly recommended.



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