After making love stories and taking us on a romantic tour Imtiaz Ali is back and this time he has made an unconventional cinema. Highway is first of it’s kind in bollywood. Film scores a zero that too big one as far as script is concerned. But then Imtiaz changes your perception of the phrase “script is everything that matters”. Highway is about Veera Tripathi (Alia Bhatt), a rich girl who gets kidnapped in front of her fiance and he does nothing but sits and watches it from his car. Mahavir Bhatti (Randeep Hooda) is a big time goon who kidnaps Veera and then takes a highway, none is aware where this highway leads to, for something good or something that will change everything. It is difficult to understand the plot of the film except one thing that the two protagonist are on a highway and Alia Bhatt enjoys it to the core because she experiences all those things that she could never imagine.

Highway works big time for three things. They are:

  1. Performances. Alia Bhatt in her second film is a big improvement and she portrays it like the role was written just for her and no one else. Her expressions are brilliant and she performs exceedingly well in every single scene. Her character is very well written and she does complete justice to it. She is childish at times yet more mature than her age. So many remarkable scenes in the film just because of Alia Bhatt. Randeep Hooda, undoubtedly amazing actor and in Highway he surprises everyone with his performance. His language makes you go gaga and his performance in emotional scenes in simply brilliant, something Randeep Hooda does not do very often. Performances of Alia and Randeep deserves an applause for their work in Highway.
  2. Cinematography by Anil Mehta is one of the most important thing, Highway needs to watched. The stunning cinematography fills in the gap of lacking good storyline. Film has been shot at eight places and each and every location captured so beautifully that you will feel like booking tickets very next day to go that place. If nothing excites you to watch Highway then one good thing abut film is that you can see that unexplored India in just 100-200 bucks. Nothing but award winning cinematography.
  3. A.R.Rahman the living legend composed music for this film. Songs are unevenly places in the film. Second half is full of songs, almost entire album of Highway is in the second half. But the songs are such that they take the story forward and speak for the characters in the film. At no point the film looks like more of a music video and less of a film where there are six songs in 70 minutes. Outstanding music of Highway.

Editing of the film is very poor. Film is paced very unevenly, at one point it will engage you so much that after sometime you won’t even realize that you are already disengaged, all because of stunning performances and brilliant cinematography. Direction of Highway is outstanding. The film does not appeal to all especially to those who enjoy Grand Masti and Himmatwala. It is a very unconventional cinema and one needs to watch it from a very different perspective, not just entertainment. Watch the film and decide yourself. I enjoyed it, so would recommend it for performances, music and cinematography only.



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