Bewakoofiyaan is a typical rom-com album. The album has got the perfect flavor of this genre. Raghu Dixit has done justice to the album and will be liked by the target audience of the film. Bewakoofiyaan album has got those soothing romantic melodies which makes it a prefect album enjoued by romantic people. The compositions, lyrics ail seen ordinary as far as the genre is concerned but it also make sure that the album is not a letdown even for a single song. Raghu Dixit has done an impressive job and the album will be liked by those for whom it is made for, so Raghu succeeds in his mission.

Bewakoofiyaan has six tracks and thankfully not even a single remix or some different version of same song. Gulcharrey by Aditi Singh Sharma and Benny Dayal is a typical party song. A good number whose tune and singers effort make it so enjoyable. Khamakhaan sung by Ayushmann Khurana and Neeti Mohan is a sweet romantic number. Neeti has masters in romantic number and Ayushmann’s voice was equally good. Bewakoofiyaan by Raghu Dixit can be said as Raghu’s forte. It sounds like some title track of youth TV soap and the tune and composition is also like that. But none the less it is good to hear and enjoyable too. Rumaani Sa one more romantic track sung by geniuses like Mohit Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal. This one is like the previous tracks of the duo. These two names are enough to like the song. Ordinary but likeable. Aye Jigada is a typical Vishal Dadlani song. That beast voice which makes any genre in song worth listening it because of the dedication in that voice. Something different from Vishal Dadlani and impressive too. O Heeriye is Ayushamnn Khurana’s song. The song will be enjoyed the most by his fans. It’s a good addition to this album and gives a different touch to the album. Something different from the res of the tracks of the album.

Bewakoofiyaan album is sweet simple and enjoyable album. Raghu Dixit has done a good job and will be enjoyed the most by romantic music lovers. This one definitely deserves a place in your collection if you like rom-coms and it’s music.



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