Music of Total Siyapaa is none other than Ali Zafar. He has composed the music of the film and sang all the songs in the album. Ali Zafar is the whole and sole of the album Total Siyapaa. In all five tracks in the album, Total Siyapa, Palat Meri Jaan, Nahi Maloom, Asha and Chal Buleya. The genre of each song is different but unfortunately none of them sound different from each other. The reason behind this is all of them are sung by Ali Zafar. The album looks more like his personal album which he has made it to showcase his work. The songs somewhat give you a fell of a movie album because of variety in songs. There is a happy, sad, enjoyable etc song. Song for every mood can be found in the album. The album is similar to Ali Zafar’s previous work. Almost all song reminds you of his previous songs. Lyrics and composition are very ordinary. The songs may suit the film but as an album it does not create that great impact. The album will be enjoyed only by Ali Zafar fans, if you are not his fan yet enjoyed his work you can give a chance to this one and enjoy it once. Rest nothing novel in the album. Above Average.



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