Soumik Sen seems to be a powerhouse of talent. Apart from writing and directing Gulaab Gang he has also composed the music of the film. Music of Gulaab Gang is like two sides of one coin. It has seven tracks; Gulaabi, Dheemi Dheemi Si, Shram Laaj, Aankhiyaan, Rang Se Hui, Rangi Saari Gulaabi and Teri Jai Ho. Out of these four are happy tracks; Gulaabi, Dheemi Dheemi Si, Shram Laaj and Rang Se Hui. All these songs have same tone and just describes the Gulaab Gang in all possible different ways. All these tracks sound one and the same, apart from lyrics rest all seems same. Still you enjoy these melodious compositions, all thanks to Soumik Sen. According to the look and feel of the film these songs sound perfect. The remaining tracks are slow but not sad. They also describe Gulaab Gang but in a slow tone. Malabika Bhramha and Kaushiki Chakraborty are the two main pillars of this album. Both of them have done a good job especially Kaushiki Chakraborty with Aakhiyaan which is a slow and sad song. Surprise package of the album is Rangi Saari Gulaabi which is sung by Madhuri Dixit Nene and her mother Snehalatha Dixit, the song sounds acoustic. Being a female oriented film six out of seven songs are sung by females and the remaining one (Teri Jai Ho) is sung by Soumik Sen himself. The album is perfect as far as the film is concerned. While listening you can imagine the songs according to the lyrics. Lyrics of the songs are very meaningful and apt t the title as well. Each and every song justifies title Gulaab Gang in a different way. Album does not have much variety, but is definitely appealing to bollywood music lovers. Soumik Sen, man behind Gulaab Gang had clear idea about the film and that is clearly reflected in the album. He has got it right with the album and hopefully he will get right with film as well. Overall good album but may not appeal to the rock and pop lovers and definitely not to those who love listening western albums. This one will be a good addition to your collection.



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