The name tells nothing about the film. After watching the film you will be in the same thoughts, why Fandry. Nagraj Manjule has made a good attempt to showcase a reality of rural parts of India. Untouchables exist even today. Caste, religion, dowry, love between lower caste and upper caste, all this exist even today in the society. Nagraj Manjule could not find a better way to showcase all this in a way that would be accepted by the audience. He had great thoughts in mind but unfortunately could not convey to the audience. The film is confusing whether it is about love or showcasing untouchables. The film has many sequences which raise your eyebrows but not a single moment which make you say what nonsense. Some stunning visuals which make you feel bad for the characters in the film,like the jatra sequence where the boy is made to stand with lamp, sequences where the boy tries his best to not be seen by his school friends when he is catching pig with his family. Efforts that are put in to make this film are clearly visible. Nagraj Manjule seems to have forgotten his audience and made this off beat film. The film will barely appeal to those who prefer watching song and dance. While watching the film one needs to have full concentration to understand the film. This one surely is not everybody’s cup of tea. Film at places looks like watching rushes of some feature. The film unfortunately does not seem to be connected at all. One thing happens, then next then next but the connection is simply missing. The marriage track plays like a reminder where you say ”oh ya this is also there in the film”. Love story is not at all prominent in the entire film. Few tracks going together but not a single one stable. Nor the love story of the protagonist, nor the marriage sequence nor the issue of untouchables has proper ending everything is left half way. The films ends very abruptly making you think a lot. Film has no music at all. That’s one of the biggest flaw of the film. The theme and look of the film is so ordinary in Marathi cinema that the performances and direction seems to be very ordinary.

Over all this Nagraj Mnjule has made a good attempt with Fandry which needs to be appreciated. Fandry somehow manages to keep you engaged and that’s the only good part about the film. Fandry is not made for one and all, it’s limited only to festival audience. My rating is only for the effort made.



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