QUEEN (Music)

Queen had an amazing promo and Kangana Ranaut just blew off our minds with her stunning performance in the trailer. Music for Queen has been composed by Amit Trivedi. No doubt one of the finest composer bollywood has currently but had no intention or even interest in listening to the music of the film. After hearing some great things about the music of Queen i heard it and it was simply fantastic. Great job by Amit Trivedi. Composition is good but as far as innovation in it is concerned it is slightly lacking. Comparatively Amit Trivedi’s previous work(Lootera, English Vinglish, Dev.D etc) was little better than this one.

London Thumakda by Labh Janjua and Kakkad sisters is very catchy. Typical punjabi wedding beats and beautiful composition makes this one of the best in the lot. Lyrics of this song are god enough especially folk words. Badra Bahar sung by Amit Trivedi is a letdown, for a simple reason that it sounds repetitive. Amit has sung such song in his previous album. There is lack of innovation and creativity as far as tone, lyrics and composition is concerned. It reminds you of songs from Dev.D. The other song Jugni in voice of Amit Trivedi proves his versatility as a composer and singer unlike the previous one. This one is amazingly composed and beautifully sung by Amit Trivedi. O Gujariya by Shefali Alvares is the most enjoyable track in the album. The composition of the song, that fast beats and beautiful voice of both the singers make it a perfect song to lighten up your mood. Taake Jhaake starts beautifully on a slow tone making you close your eyes and do nothing but enjoy this song in mesmerizing voice of Arijit Singh. Even though the composition my sound not that great but the vocals and tune of the sound make it worth listening on a repeat mode. If you love listening slow numbers then Harjaiyaan sung by Nandini Srikar is perfect for you. Undoubtedly best track of the entire album. The stunning vocals and blend of instruments used in the composition of this song makes it stand out in the entire album. Kinare by Mohan Kanan is one more slow song in the album. The best thing about the song is its vocals. Simple composition and single tune make it perfect song for a sad mood. Ranjha, short sweet lines sung by Rupesh Kumar Rao is less of a song and more of recitation of beautiful lines. 

Rating; 3.5/5


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