Shaadi Ke Side Effects album works for the fresh composition from Pritam. Not at all Pritam’s forte but his effort needs to be appreciated. He has his own style of composition in some numbers but lots of innovation in terms of composition makes this one a good album. Lots of romantic tracks according to the look and feel of the film. Only one flaw and that too big one which spoils the overall impact of the album. The album makes you wonder why so many versions of one song when all of them sound one and the same.

Harry Is Not A Bharamchari has three versions, two originals and one remix. The song is a typical blend of punjabi disco song. Jazzy B vocals add the perfect punjabi flavor to the song and Ishq Bector give it a perfect dancing number touch with his rap. Tumse Pyaar Ho Gaya is a typical romantic song. Nikhil George and Neeti Mohan’s soothing vocals make this song a perfect love song. The peppy composition and the tune which is more like a conversation makes it one of the nicest romantic number in recent times. This song has one more version, The Hey Song which is almost the same like the original not much difference, its as good as the original version. Vyaah Karke Pachtaya is somewhat like Pyaar Karke Pachtaya from Pyaar Ke Side Effects. Shahid Mallya has done a quite impressive job with this song. One can literally feel the regression of marriage from this song. Funny lyrics and decent composition makes it a good song. Poorvi Koutish lines in the song make the song funnier. The Punjabi version of this song is again same like the original version. Desi Romance is a slow fast song in terms of it’s pace and also the composition. Suchi has beautiful vocals and Arijit Singh takes this song to an altogether different level. Tone is very ordinary but its the singers, who make this song so beautiful. Bawla Sa Sapna in Mohit Chauhan’s voice is a childish song. Lyrics, composition and tone of this song is like story telling. Its Mohit Chauhan voice and decent composition of Pritam that makes the song good to hear. The other version of this song is a chorus by kids and sung by Diva. Wonder where will this version finds its place in the film. Good in nursery rhyme album but not in this album. Yahaan Vahaan in Farhan Akhtar’s voice is a very ordinary song. Very slow paced and a sad one too Farhan Akhtar tries his level best and makes it a decent song. Nothing novel in its lyrics and composition. Reprise version of this song does not sound different at all from its original, difficult to find out what’s the difference between these two versions. Ahista Ahista is one more extended version of Yahaan Vahaan in Farhan Akhtar’s voice.

Rating: 3/5


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