To describe the play in few words I would say this play gives a new dimension to a reality shows. This is enough to confuse you and make more curious about the play. These two lines are in complete contrast with the title of the play. Now as title suggest this is a story of a couple and then normal tale of couple which is seen in films and plays. The innovation in writing of Aslam Parvez in something that gives true meaning to the term “out of the box”. The scene where the actor-director Priyadarshan Jadhav visits Amit’s (Chinmay Mandlekar) house and the twist is revealed in a very subtle manner which gives you the feeling of any other love story. Its the direction and brilliant execution of director Priyadarshan Jadhav that makes this play same but different and gives you your money’s worth. For a change there a two LCD screens in the auditorium and according to the play they turn on to show the same thing going on stage. This innovation defines what actors say “I will do if script demands” and LCD does exactly the same thing. The pace of the play is very stable but as it moves on and you start predicting the fun starts when your predictions go wrong and you see something very unexpected that will surprise you. Meera (Madhura Velenkar) pretending to know everything right from the beginning about the plan and very next moment making AmitĀ  realize his mistake is the highlight scene of the play because of the stunning acting of Madhura in that particular scene. Talking about performances Chinmay Mandlekar is at his best and performs flawless. Madhura is very ordinary, smae like her films and other plays except one climax scene. Other actors have performed equally especially the director Priyadarshan Jadhav. The set is good as per the story nothing exceptional. The designing of the set like any the home of serial which the actors themselves mention in the play. Lighting is again very ordinary nothing great about it. Costumes are normal. Music is pretty impressive. Background score is very good.

Overall the play works for its innovative script its brilliant execution, beautiful direction and over all of them stunning performance of Chinmay Mandlekar. He is the star of the play. On the whole good play, highly recommended.



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