One By Two is a film made for very very very very niche audience. The film will liked by one or two in thousands. It’s a simple story of two individuals Amit (Abhay Deol) and Samaira (Preeti Desai) who have only one common factor in their life that is they are fed up with their respective lives. Director Devika Bhagat has smartly tackled the situation, she made sure that these two stories never cross their paths and the audience fell equally engaged keeping track of both the stories simultaneously. One never feels two different films could have been made in this one script. It’s hard to digest films having multiple storylines. Like David, Salaam-E-Ishq this will also find very few takers. The direction of Devika Bhagat is quite impressive in some scenes, she has innovatively designed some scenes literally making you feel like watching two films in one single frame. The dinner sequence where both the protagonist are with their respective friends, one simple shot of two protagonist lying on bed (not together) and few more like this. Cinematography is pretty good and music of Shankar Ehsaan Loy is something that brings some more life and energy to the film. Performances wise Abhay Deol was quite impressive and Preeti Desai seemed as if she is living her daily life and not acting. One By Two is a good attempt made and I thoroughly enjoyed it but not necessary for others to feel the same. I will give decent rating to the film thinking it is not everyone’s cup of tea.
Rating: 2.5/5

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