Sabka bhai Salman Khan is back and the bang with which he comes is clearly missing. Finally the time has come when people have started realizing what is their money’s worth. The end of the so called masala entertainers have begun. Jai Ho had quite a few things that would have redefined Salman Khan as a star. Jai Ho had a very strong message that would have provoked the common man to think think and think. Weak direction and missing story makes Jai Ho a total miss. Even if the film is watched 100 times one won’t be able to find the story. It seemed as if Sohail Khan with Salman Khan and his few friemds took a camera and just shot all types of scenes from action to drama to comedy, compiled them and Jai Ho is ready. It is all the way Salman Khan’s show. He is very impressive like always. Only good performance in the film was Tabu but it was not of her caliber. Jai Ho seemed to be relaunch for so many stars whose careers never took of in Bollywood, Sharad Kaooor, Nauheed Cyrusi, Vatsal Seth, Tulip Joshi, Ashmit Patel and the list is never ending. The cast was little less then the technical team of the film. Salman managed to find enough space for himself with so many people in the film. Situation is created to fit in a song so that the composer doesn’t feel bad. Film is decent till interval and you enjoy it as well. Post interval it becomes a joke and you laugh at all types of scenes be it action or drama. Jai Ho gives you enough chances to find flaws in the film. The message which makers are trying to tell the people is good but then it badly executed and bores you because it is repeated so many times and in same manner. Interval point seems like the end of the film and you question what is left now. The director is the person to be blamed for spoiling the film. Another director would have made a much better film. Daisy Shah is a total letdown. Good debut wasted. She doesn’t have enough screen space to prove herself.

On the whole good attempt went wrong. The film had enough scope to make it a good film but unfortunately it could not be one. Bad direction, bad music, and lack of storyline makes Jai Ho an easily missed fare. Salman fans can watch it once for the fact that he is coming on big screen after such a long time. My rating just for Salman Khan.

Rating: 2/5


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