YAARIYAN looked very promising from its promos and its music. The makers got everything right before the film released and made sure that the film reaches it right audience. Unfortunately the film is a major disappointment. Film named Yaarian has everything but nothing called friendship. The film is about the college who is in a trouble as part of it is going to be converted into casino or the film is about the competition that will help save the college or the film is about mother-son relationship or the film is a love story. So many stories going on like a merry go round and make Yaariyan an unbearable film. Initial hour of the film you are just wondering what is happening on the screen, is it really making sense. Gradually the movie seems decent because of few emotional yet powerful scenes that showcase everything except friendship. One dialogue about friendship in the film and director thought she has made a film on friendship. The film is very much over the top and each and everything shown in the film does not look real at all, in fact after watching this film you will believe that schools like St. Teresa from SOTY and Gurukul from Mohabbatein would really exist in some corner of this world. The film had a very weak screenplay which is clearly visible. First half will remind you of Farah Khan’s Main Hoon Naa at many places. Performances were decent considering majority of the star cast was fresh. Music was the only saving grace of the film. Songs would just randomly pop up but you actually feel good listening to them. Director fails to make her audience relate to the characters or the story of the film. Story of the film is not worth discussing at all because there are so many of them going on one after the other. Film has very few good scenes filled with lots of emotions and good music. These scenes can be best viewed on your TV screens not in the theatre and music better buy the audio CD. This one is not recommended at all. My rating purely on the basis of the curiosity generated, music and those few scenes.

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