The name of the film is interesting, that’s all about the film, that too it just manages to create very little curiosity about the film. The film is a big bore and has nothing new to offer. It seems like a student is making a film to submit it as an assignment. The film is a typical Priyadarshan slapstick comical fare. Uncountable characters, all of them confuse each other, motive is simple but so many characters and their miscommunication creates a big problem and as usual by the end of the film all of them meet at one place problem is solved and film is over. The film falls flat on its face when it comes to making the audience laugh. The jokes in the film are so unimpressive, such jokes are shared amongst friends in day to day life. The director thought this would help audience relate to the film but unfortunately no. Performance of the primary cast is below average. None of them get good opportunity to perform properly. Javed Jaffrey has managed to do something different but he forgot that the audience have seen him doing the same thing before. Arshad Warsi and Soha Ali Khan are very disappointing. If you ask me one good thing about the film I will take so much time that four more Mr. Joe B Carvalho would be made. A very badly made film. I don’t wish to write more, because there is nothing else left, detailing the review would be senseless since there are only bad things to say about the film.

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