The title which can be confusing for a few but it is something which gives a clear idea about what the play is all about. The poster of the play and title on it gives a crystal clear idea about the play and all your assumptions are true. The play is about two different women who are wife of same man Prabhakar Aapte. The poster also gives you an idea that the play is nothing but just one meeting of these two women with same name and that’s what the play is all about. Kumud Prabhakar Aapte (Aishwarya Narkar) comes to meet Kumud Prabhakar Aapte (Prateeksha Lonkar) at her place and one conversation takes place between them. The conversation displays two different sides of a same coin via these two mediums. Two different women of almost same age with different way of thinking different lifestyles and opinions like two ends of one pole. When such two people meet what happens is what AAMHI SAU. KUMUD PRABHAKAR AAPTE all about.

The best part of the play is only and only script and its execution. Viren the writer director of the play deserves a huge round of applause for this bold and beautiful play. Everything in the play is toned down and kept very subtle. Performances of both the ladies are outstanding but then this their comfort zone. Few powerful scenes to both of them which makes you go wow and that’s it. Music, set design, light effects is very much according to the play which is ordinary. But all of these does not matter as you are so engrossed in the conversation of these two ladies that rest all does not seem to be that important. The climax scene just skips your heartbeat and you exit with nothing but just praising this beautiful play. One can’t afford to miss this outstanding play.

Rating: 4/5


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