As the title suggest this play is all about a women trying to find the truth about her birth.

  • Beautifully written by Dr. Anand Nadkarni makes this story a good balance of reality and fiction, even though it is cent percent fiction it can be reality too and leaves you teaching two good things. The character of Snehal played by Ila Bhate of a strong women of 21st century is very inspirational. Script of this play if it’s plus pint and makes sue it does not disappoint you. Thumbs Up for this wonderful script.
  • Performances of Ila Bhate and Amita Khopkar leaves you spellbound. Amita Khopkar is an acting institution in herself. Looking at her TV and drama performances, here she is a complete scene stealer. Even though there are two different people talking and she is standing in one corner of stage she grabs your attention. Undoubtedly best performance of the entire play. Ila Bhate is powerhouse of acting and she makes her mark with her power packed performance but compared to Amita Khopkar she is slightly unnoticed. Other cast performed equally well.
  • Ordinary background score and very good light effects (prakash yojana) makes this play look even more beautiful. The set design was very good. Decent music by Ashok Patki. Gururaj Avdhani’s presence in the play improves the value of the play. Kumar Sohani’s direction is commendable. Ordinary but Gururaj’s presence makes the direction much better.

Janmarahasya works primarily for it’s beautiful script and stunning performances by Ila Bhate and Amita Khopkar and for these two things this play is worth a watch. Make sure you catch it whenever it is playing at a theater near you.


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