JAI HO (Music)

Khano mein Khan Salman Khan is back after making his fans wait for more than a year. The album of a Jai Ho is a big disappointment. These are those songs which you like forcefully after hearing them en number of times because you cant escape from these songs. Sajid Wajid whole music i have always loves is a big let down this time. Two new composers Devi Sri Prasad and Amal Malik have composed music in their comfort zone. Rather the entire album itself is composed playing safe. Music of Jai Ho will give the feeling of THAT’s IT no more masala films, hope the film does give the same feeling. Zero innovation in the composition of the songs. This time just to make it better there is Gujarati song which does not help the album at all. The only place where the music of Jai Ho will be heard is at public places where music is played on loud speakers annoying others peaceful life. When you start listening this 35 minutes album after sometime you get used to it and find the songs okay just because you have no other option but to deal with it.

Baaki Sab First Class Hai in Wajid’s voice is a song made with some good intentions showing the current picture of our country but the below average composition of this song makes you say “not again”. The lyrics are decent but it’s on the same lines of Love Me Love Me from Wanted (2009). Next song Tere Naina Maar Hi Dalenge, don’t know about naina but the song will definitely kill you. Shaan and Shreya Ghoshal who put in their soul to make set the mood of a romantic song are very much bland in this song, in fact they seem very much disinterested while singing song. Undoubtedly one of the bad songs of the album. Photocopy sung by Himesh Reshamiya is a Gujarati number with nonsense lyrics and bad composition make you feel like switching to some other song. The song is so bad it won’t be played even at the garba this year. Tumko To Aana Hi Tha and Love You Till The End composed by Amal Malik are mixture of Hindi-Western music and they seem to be very outdated. The title song composed by the same guy is not just up to the mark of Salman Khan. The song may feel decent after hearing it many times but on the whole not happening. Nacho Re composed by Devi Sri Prasad is nothing but just a music piece which starts with different types of traditional music forms and ends with western beats with a female shouting Nacho Re then and now.

Music of Jai Ho is a big NO NO. The music is not catchy at all. Even if you are Sajid-Wajid or Salman Khan fans stay away from this one. Just hear it once online to see what crap they have made and bear it once. Salman Khan not happening sir. Least we could do is hope for a decent film.

Best Song: None
Worst Song: All

Rating: 1.5/5


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