The most awaited film of the year Dhoom 3 releases with a bang and yes it do lives up to your expectation and does not bore you even for a second. The only new and good thing in the entire film is Aamir Khan. Lot’s of hard work done on his character and that is clearly visible on screen. Interval scene is the surprising element of the film. When Aamir Khan is not on the screen you seem to be watching an extension of Dhoom and Dhoom:2. These 172 minutes manage to keep you engaged throughout even when the place if the film is very mediocre. The chase sequences lack innovation apart from the one in river. Some action sequences are over the top and make the action sequences from South Indian films look more better and real. If you can take any nonsense in Hollywood film where a bike turns into sea scooter and two scooters combine just like that this one is your cup of tea. We always blame Bollywood for showing nonsense but in this film there is nonsense Hollywood style. The film is shot at some breath taking locations especially the climax sequence. The film is also shot very sleekly some outstanding shots. At the end of the film you are satisfied, entertained and get your money’s worth not if you are spending 900 INR and watching it. It also gives you a feel of something different being very ordinary.

Aamir Khan the true star of the film. Amazing performance in the second half when the surprise element is revealed. Aamir Khan fans are in for a treat with this film. Katrina Kaif there not there in the film it’s one and the same. She has three to four dialogues scenes and three songs. In a 172 minutes she hardly has 30 minutes role and it does not matter at all. Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra are very same from it’s prequels. There is nothing new in their characters. Uday Chopra manages to bring a smile on your face with his silly jokes. Jackie Shroff is ordinary and the younger Aamir Khan has done an equally good job as Aamir Khan himself. The film is a visual treat all because of Vijay Krishna Acharya. His style of directing the film has made it what it is. Julius Packiman background score is superb and one of the strongest reason for the film being so engaging.

Dhoom:3 is a story of revenge. Jackie Shroff runs The Great Indian Circus which is about to be auctioned. Aamir Khan has a grudhe on Chicago bank since then. His only motive is to destroy Chicago Bank which he eventually does. Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra try to catch him but like it’s prequels they are unsuccessful in this one too. Aamir is haapy on completing his mission, Abhishek and Uday are sad they are unsuccessful again and Katrina sad she can’t get her love but doesn’t care she is just happy dancing to Dhoom Machale in end credits.

1/2 star extra for Aamir Khan



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