DHOOM:3 (Music)

The famous Bollywood franchise Dhoom is back. This time unfortunately not with a bang. The usic is composed by Pritam who composed it for previous two Dhoom’s as well. The music on the whole is very average. The spark in it is missing. Biggest drawback of the music is the lyrics of the song, music at least has something in it but bad lyrics make the songs unbearable, you hear it once and you are done with it.

The bad lyrics tag goes to all the songs of the film. Malang by Siddharthn Mahadevan and Shilpa Rao is very composed song, it seems as if the two singers are rehearsing for their annual fest. Kamli had the opportunity to become a good song as it is sung by Sunidhi Chauhan but then it seems like an item number, whether it is really an item number or no need to be seen in the film. Sunidhi’s potential not fully taped. Mohit Chauhan’s Tu Hi Junoon sounds like it an independently composed song by the singer himself as a part of his first album. Title Track by Aditi Singh Sharma is again a disappointment. The effort of the composer can be clearly seen but it fails to create a good impact. Bande Hai Hum Uske sounds like a morning prayer of some school. It is even sung by kids. Two instrumentals in the album, Dhoom Tap and Dhoom:3 Overture out of which Tap is very ordinary and Overture is the only good thing in the entire album maybe because it is composed by Julius Packiam.

On the whole won’t make a good addition to your collection.

Rating: 2/5


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