R RA RA…ye kya picture bani hai… Raising your expectation very high and then providing a film which is nothing but a sign to all the filmmakers in Bollywood that it’s the THE END of so called masala films.

For Shahid Kapoor this film was suppose to be the saving grace or the turning point of his career. No doubt he performed very well but if the film fares poorly at box office then this film will make other filmmakers loose hope from this talented actor. Unfortunately his potential was not fully tapped by the director. Worst year for Sonakshi Sinha as far as her films are concerned. After giving 3 back to back failures at the box office (Lootera, Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara, Bullet Raja) this one is gonna be her fourth flop in a year. She is very unimpressive. Director Prabhu Deva who is outstanding at making such commercial hard core entertainers fails to live up to the expectations of his fans. His previous film, Ramaiya Vastavaiya can be considered a brilliant film compared to R…Rajkumar. Prabhu Deva is very disappointing. Weak direction. Music is good but then when it comes in film it really doesn’t matters. Those dhamkedar filmy dialogues were totally missing. All the good dialogues are already shown in the trailers.

The film is entertaining in bits and parts but the overall impact of the film is not so great. Some good action sequences and hilarious sequences fail to entertain the audience. It’s a colossal disappointment. Unimpressive story, not so engaging plot, below average performances, weak direction, dragged second half, all these factors make me say not recommended. This one can be easily missed.

Rating: 2/5


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