Sunny Deol back in his fans favorite avatar. Singh Saab The Great (SSTG) is out an out Sunny Deol film as it looks from its posters and promos, and to top it up the film has been directed by Anil Sharma. This actor director combination has given the biggest hit of Bollywood, Gadar. Sadly SSTG does not manage to reach the Gadar caliber.

The film is structured like any other massy commercial masala bollywood entertainer. One hero who has all the powers in the world but due to villain, hero has to become bad. In SSTG it is clearly visible that makers wanted to do something different and tried incorporating corruption issue along with entertaining the audience but then it did not turn out to be as expected. The only thing that makes SSTG different from others is that it is Sunny Deol film, unlike Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn or Akshay Kumar whose films look one and the same. Performance of everyone is very ordinary. Urvashi Rautela who debuts opposite Sunny as his wife is refreshing and gives a decent performance. Amrita Rao as journalist and Sunny Deol as a collector are very ordinary is their respective roles. I wonder how Prakash Raj is not bored of himself doing the same thing which he has done in all his bollywood films. Music of the film is pretty decent amd quite enjoyable while watching the film. Editing is average last 30 – 45 minutes you just wait for the film to get over. That wait is so bad you start counting the goons which Sunny Deol is bashing. Different climax where the villain is not killed but forgiven as he realize his mistakes.

Overall SSTG is strictly for Sunny Deol fans. The film is good to watch on your TV but not worth spending your money and watching it in a theatre. This time even the dialogue are not clap worthy as they seem to be very ordinary for Sunny Deol. Half star extra for Sunny Deol.



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