Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) can make only one kind of film and that is underworld based films. He made some other genre films too but mainly known for showcasing underworld in hindi cinema like never before RGV should understand it’s high time now, and should make films in different genre or stop making films forever. Satya 2 is nothing but same RGV style made gangsters flick.

Pointless discussing the story as there is nothing new in it. After Department failure, RGV shouldn’t try new camera angles at all. In Satya 2 there is an eagle view camera angle which is used for a scene where two people are talking when they are on a bike. It is confusing in this scene whether the director wanted to flaunt his direction skills or to concentrate on the conversation. Puneet Singh who plays Satya is strictly average. Not much expression, less dialogue make it an average performance. The other important cast which is new is very ordinary. Everybody’s performance is average. Very few songs in the film and all of them are bad. You forget them the moment they are over. Editing is okay in second half. First half has nothing good to offer so it is okay to sleep in the first half.

Overall Satya 2 is a same RGV film which we have seen en number of times, only new faces in this one which could not save the film. The first one hour is pathetic and you feel like leaving the film. Pre-interval the film catches up and manages to keep you seated throughout. If anyone has studied all RGV films thoroughly then he can make a better film than Satya 2. Any newcomer making a debut with RGV film should understand that it’s the end of their career. If you like watching anything made by RGV or if you have nothing to do this weekend and want to spend your money because you have more of it then watch this one just for a decent second half. Please RGV next time a better film and in different genre. The crime genre must also be bored of RGV, no director must have made so many films in the same genre in a similar way. Satya 2 is disappointing for more reason, and that is so many fresh faces. Verdict only for second half.



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